by Ron on November 1 at 7:38AM

The New York Times reported on its front page on Wednesday that major league baseball may be tipping off

players about getting tested for performance-enhancing drugs.

Under baseball's testing program, according to the Times artilcle, all 1200 players on 30 ML teams are tested for steroids and amphetamines within five days of spring training, and at least one more time during the season.

The point of this? Major league teams are notified the night before testers are to arrive at the ball park to do the random testing, and therefore arrangements are made for parking, space for testing--usually in the locker room, and any equipment needed such as tables and chairs, etc.

This could be tipping off the players who, given a 24 hour notice, have time to camouflage their drug use. Given prior notice, drug experts say, players can shower, urinate and remove any patch-like substances and in a few hours can drive down doping numbers.

Apparently it didn't give the San Diego Padres Mike Cameron enough notice because he was suspended for 25 games (at the start of the ' 08 season) by ML baseball after testing positive a second time for a banned stimulant. Cameron, a free agent, said he believed he took "a tainted nutritional supplement."

Baseball is not the only sport in the performance-enhancing drugs spotlite. The CBS Sports website lists the top ten drug scandals. Like Chicken Little, it's everywhere. Go ahead in and read for yourself. It is so rampant, that drug testing must be random, with no prior notice given, or athletes will cheat.

In the NFL, drug testers are given their own space in the locker rooms for year-round testing and players and teams are not informed in advance prior to testing. NFL players are tested in training camp, and each week during the preseason, regular season, and post season; 10 players from each team are tested randomly.

Baseball needs to get more serious about drug testing. Why doesn't baseball clean up its act to prevent performance-enhancing drugs? Why does it continue to give drug-using players chance after chance.

Remember former Yankees relief pitcher Steve Howe? He got EIGHT chances, getting busted for possession and  suspended from baseball for failing drug tests. Darryl Strawberry: Chance after chance for using and possession and throw in solicitation of an undercover police officer posing as a prostitute.

Which brings me to the real point of all of this: The banishment of Pete Rose from baseball.

While the 'goody-two-shoes suits,' namely Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig and John Dowd, author and mother of all reports and member of Who's Who in America, sit in judgment, Rose sits in purgatory (non Catholics click on). But I've come to bury Rose, not to praise him.

Pete Rose is much like many of the guys I grew up with. I think my brothers and sister would agree (I've got the best sister in the world--she works for the Po-leech)). Cheat? You've got to be kidding. Kick your butt? Affirmative.  Lie?  They can't tell lies from the truth. Steal? Sometimes. I could tell you stories. Ask my kids.

But Rose, unlike my childhood friends and acquaintances, could play baseball. Better, in some aspects of the game, then anyone who ever lived. Write this down: He belongs in baseball's Hall of Fame.

And write this down: The Golden Boys of North Broad Street face Ohio tonight at seven. Not that Ohio, but Ohio University. Good thing, too. Temple is 3-5 and 3-2, and the Bobcats are 4-5 and 2-3 and are beatable. This could be a warm-up game for the Owls, giving their sophomore quarterback Vaughn Charlton (below) some playing time before the November 10 showdown with Penn State. Write This Down: That game (Nov. 10) could be a showing of the Old Coach vs the Next Coach.

Looks like Larry Bowa will be back in the NL, something we can all look forward to. Since former Yankees skipper Joe Torre signed a three-year deal with the LA Dodgers, he'll be taking his coaches with him, including Bowa and Don Mattingly. You can bet that the Dodgers, with money to spend, will be making a run at A-Rod. The Mets are already hitting fungos (non baseball fans click on) to David Wright at second base.

The Eagles will beat the hated Cowboys Sunday because Donovan McNabb is getting back to form and the Eagles defense will stop the O's: Romo and TO. Moreover, Brian Dawkins is back in town.

Write This Down: Just could be the Owls theme song for November 10th, in 'case you didn't know.'

"Okay, so then there are some stupid people who go to school out here."


Pete rose is really nice. my moms boyfriend.

Posted by: Cassy | April 9, 2008 12:15 PM

Pete rose is really nice. my moms boyfriend.

Posted by: Cassy | April 9, 2008 12:15 PM

Pete rose is really nice. my moms boyfriend.

Posted by: Cassy | April 9, 2008 12:15 PM

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