Last night's game was typical of the Phillies season.

Up, down, back up, down and back up.

A decent job by the right handed starting pitcher Kyle Kendrick, who gave up a three run dinger in the sixth. Then to give back six more--five by Clay Condrey and one by Jose Mesa in the seventh. But Condrey is in luck, Camp Ottawa is closed for the year, or he'd be heading back up there today. Antonio Alfonseca gave up two more in the eighth.

An offensive slugfest by both teams with the Phillies  out slugging for the win, 12-11. Is this not a typical 2007 win for the Phillies?

Jimmy Rollins, at right, had another big night, going 2 for 4, with a three run home run, three RBI, and two runs scored. Ryan Howard hit two, his 39th and 40th, a grand slam in the sixth.

With 12 left games left, the Phillies remain a game-and-a-half behind the San Diego Padres--a team that refuses to lose--and now two-and-a-half games behind the Mets, a team looking for a win after losing their fourth straight last night against the Washington Nationals.

Dear Ron, This chain e was started yesterday and appears to be working. Please read below, and post - or ? The Curse Shall Be Lifted, pass it on!

All the best,
Ronnie Norpel
Phillies 80-86

Now, Constitution Day,
is the time for all good homers to come to the aid of their ball club.

I, Ronnie Norpel, a person of Philadelphia, in order to form a more perfect Team, re-align
its Karma, provide for the Communion of Fans, promote their general well-being, and secure the
Blessings of a Championship for ourselves and our Posterity, do

Ordain and Establish

The Constitution Blues as our antidote.

We have come to believe that a curse befell our team years ago, for reasons as yet unrevealed. The Constitution Blues is a fiction steeped in authenticity, a literary conceit of love for our hometown team —an attempt to lift said curse.

August 30th at Woody’s in North Wildwood, two committed Phillies fans made my afternoon as we shared the glorious torture of watching the Phils sweep the Mets. Turns out Chuck was a Vet Coke vendor before my own tenure. He laughed to tell of meeting Tug—“…then he said, ‘Well, I can’t sign YOUR autograph, but I’ll give you MINE!’” Jerry arrived sweaty in time for the eighth on a personal best—two minutes from Moor’s Inlet by bike. His cap was the white one with the red P and red beak. The next day my crack chiropractor brother and I hit the boardwalk, where I spotted a t-shirt. The cartoon skeleton on it sported a Phillies cap too—and an Eagles jersey, Sixers and Flyers pennants. Below were the words:


Two days later, I met Rick at Mitch and Bootsie’s wedding beach bash on Barnegat Bay. Rick was wearing his life-long commitment on his shoulder: a fresh tattoo of the Phillies starry-i’d logo with the whooshing baseball. “After the Mets sweep, I had to. We’re gonna do it!” Rabid fan alert! My pa made the mistake of telling him I had been a ballgirl for the team. I always feel the need to add, “…and I sold the most season tickets one year and started Fan Accommodations.” When Rick asked me how they paid, I explained that his fuss over me just then was the Phillies halo effect: you can’t buy groceries with it, but sometimes it does the trick.

The Constitution Blues is for Chuck, Jerry, Rick and all the Phillies fans who came before them—ones I am related to and ones I sold those season tickets to, ones I seated at the Vet, and ones I only spoke to on the phone, ones whose missing children I helped find, those children I snuck Press Club ice cream to though their parents were pissed they got lost, those who toil in that Press Club, and those who draft us our beers, ones who have been to hundreds of games, and those who have never been but watch religiously on ‘the cable,’ for those who play our pastime and those who know why there is no clock in baseball:

It’s never over til it’s over.

For my old teammates, and today’s. And, of course, for Charlie Manuel, the one who cried for help.

Now, Constitution Day, is the time for all good homers to come to the aid of their ball club.

The Curse Shall Be Lifted.

Ronnie Norpel
September 17, 2007

Posted by: Ronnie Norpel | September 18, 2007 11:17 AM

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