PNC Park Vs CB Park

(On scale of one to ten)

  • Park Beauty - CB 9.5, PNC, 8--CB has it all over PNC. Especially the center field area; at PNC there is a wooden wall painted green and some trimmed hedges that say Pirates; it's plain and ugly. CB is much more picturesque
  • Closeness to game - PNC 9, CB 8.5--our seats at CB are row 10, middle of visitors dugout; we sat in section 112 at PNC, first row of second section, which would be the 10th row even with a walk-way in between, and we were much closer to the action at PNC. In fact, the Phillies could hear us yell from our seats, not so at CB.
  • Food - PNC 8; CB, 7.5; Food was similar but PNC has various little stations set up where you could get a cheesesteak or gourmet hot dog and a seafood concession stand, which gives it a slight edge over CB.
  • Beer - PNC 9, CB 8; since we are draft lite beer drinkers, we were able to choose from three, Bud Lite, Miller Lite or Coors Lite, unlike at CB, only Bud Lite and Miller Lite. The beer was fresher. Several times at CB we bought stale beer. Once we had to take it back to the concession stand because it was sour. They did throw it away and poured one for us from a different tap.
  • Fans - PNC 9, CB 8.5; both of us were in Phillies shirts and not one Pirate fan berated us. They were very friendly and polite. Even when we were standing inside the tunnels trying to figure out which way to go, guards and seat ushers would come up and ask if we needed help. Just like at CB? Yea, right.
  • Crowd - CB 9.5, PNC 7; Even on fire works night the Pirates didn't have a sell out. They claimed they did, but there were parts of empty sections high up where the stadium crew could have painted the seats during the game. No shows? I doubt if half a section would classify as no shows.
  • Players - CB 9.5; PNC 6; Phillies of course have a much better team.
  • Streets of the City - PNC 9, CB 5; we saw lots of these little metal containers with City of Pittsburgh painted on, in which people would throw their trash while walking the streets. At first, we didn't recognize what they were, but then we remembered: Trash cans. None to be found in South Philly, where litter is everywhere, along with dog poop and cigarette butts. Maybe Philadelphia can think of something to put out where people can throw their garbage. Now theres a novel idea.

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