Jill Porter had an interesting column in today's Philadelphia Daily News. I like Ms. Porter. She is a good journalist who looks for stories and tells it like it is. Ms. Porter is not a Phillies basher.

Under the headline of:"Attention, alleged wife-beaters: Phils want you,"Porter jumps on the Phillies brass for signing Julio Mateo after the team went through the Bret Myers fiasco. I felt the same way when I first heard the news. The key word: Insensitive at best. Out of touch at worst.

You remember the Myers fiasco, don't you? After he slapped his wife on a Boston street, he started for the Phillies the next day. 

She makes comparisons between Mateo's comments about the 'incident' and Myers' comments.  They are eeirly similar: "I'm not guilty of anything," he said. Like kids in school: "I didn't do nothin'"

The namby-pamby liberals like domestic violence coalition's Susan Kelly-Dreiss slammed the Phillies for trading for someone accused of wife-beating. Jill Porter isn't namby-pamby. Said Porter, the Phillies priority? "Who cares about battering when a pitcher can handle batters?"

I don't always agree with her, but on this one I do. "It's a disgrace that demeans the game and is a self-incficted wound to a team that can ill afford another injury," she wrote.

Another injury? Ms. Porter wasn't talking about a broken hand and a pulled calf muscle. 

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