A friend of mine, who's opinion I respect a great deal, pointed something out to me recently. He said I am making fun of the Phillies President without really knowing him. After I thought about it, I came to the conclusion that he is right.

It's true, I don't know the Phillies President. But it's also true, that I think he is doing a great job with the Phillies. If you listen to Cataldi and Erskin, you would think that Dave Montgomery is an idiot. Well, I don't think that.

I don't think he's a cheapskate, either. So why do I portray that way in my postings? Good question, and it took my friend's email to make me see that.

 Dave Montgomery has brought many high priced players to Philly, from Jim Thome to Freddie Garcia. Have they all turned out to be winners? No. But do you think the other teams like the Mets, Atlanta, and the Yankees are mistake free? Not on your life.

My wife and I attend about 20 Phillies home games a season and we are going to Pittsburgh to see them play the Pirates. The team hustles, is exciting, and is a good blend of young and old players. Each night, it seems, a different player makes a major contribution.  With all of their injuries, they are still within shouting distance to the Mets and Braves. I think they will be in first place by October.

The Phillies field a good team. The kind of team I like to follow, day in and day out. So you've got to give credit where credit is due: I thank Dave Montgomery for that.

In my opinion, Cataldi and Erskin are the idots, not Dave Montgomery. Sure, I listen to them. Most of what they say is BS, and they have callers who love calling in and kissing their butts. They grow their list of listeners by making fun of Montgomery and others. I think true baseball fans don't give them much credence.

So that's how I really feel. From now on, I'll write that way, too. 




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