by Ron on July 8 at 12:40PM


     Now that we have two weeks off from following the Fightins'--the All Star break, then a west coast road trip--it's time to speculate about who is the best Phillie player, ever. Is it Dick Allen, Richie Ashbun, Mike Schmidt, or will it be Chase Utley?

     Let's go to the stats, then. The first year of each player has been eliminated to make it easier. All stats accumulated are for the first four years, with Utley's  prorated  through the end of this year, because it's Utley's fourth year. It's easy to do because Chase will get his numbers. Okay,  here we go.

At Bats: Ashburn, 2512; Allen, 2238; Utley 2,104; and Schmidt, 1,657; 

Base On Balls:  Schmidt, 369; Allen, 284; Ashburn, 246, and Utley, 212

Home runs: Schmidt, 130; Allen 112; Utley 103, and Ashburn, 8.

Strike outs: Schmidt, 603; Allen 541; Utley 406, and Ashburn 137.

RBI’s: Schmidt, 370; Utley, 364; Allen 363 and Ashburn 143..

On Base Percentage: Allen, .389; Ashburn, 368; Schmidt, .366; and Utley, .363.

Batting Average:Allen .311; Ashburn, 303; Utley, .294; and Schmidt, .247.

Hits: Ashburn, 762, Allen, 696; Utley, 637; and Schmidt, 525.

Slugging Percentage: Allen, .562; Utley, .527; and Schmidt, .492; and Ashburn 384.

You did some good work here showing how Utley compares to Phil's greats. It shows Utley is worth mentioning in the same sentence as the big boys.

Posted by: JJ | July 24, 2007 2:43 PM

That was exactly what I was looking for

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