Had quite a bit of return mail from my post: "Who Exactly...Is The Idiot Here?"  Seems that a lot of folks don't take kindly to saying good things about Phillies President David Montgomery. 

Some people--especially those who listen to Cataldi in the morning and Howard in the afternoon--are ax gridners,  soothsayers, have 20-20 hindsight vision too, and are moaners, weepers, bloggers and all around 'unhappy with their lifers.' I call the two the CIA,  Cataldi and Iskin on the Airways, even through Erskin spells his last name with an E, but who cares?

The listeners? Car insurance cavemen, if you will.

Now I've beel listening to Cataldi and Howard. Not because I like to...or I expect to learn anything from it, but since I've worked at universities all my professional life, I know about research and theories. So I'm doing research listening to those two bozos.

And I've developed this theory, it's called the  Theory of Regurgiatation.  Here's how it works. Cataldi in the am repeats and repeats how the Phillies will never win with Montgomery and the current ownership. Then Howard picks up in the afternoon and says the same thing. Like we are all stupid and don't know the two nitwits worked this out together.

The cavemen listening call in and repeat their proclamations, only in different words. If they didn't, the CIA would cut them right off. But when they regurgiatate, they are left on the air until it's time for the next commercial.  

For example:

"Howard, I want to say that I think it's unfair that you are calling the Phillies cheapskates." The reply: "Listen genius, if you bad half a brain, you'd know that blah, blah, blah..." And it is highly unlikely that the caller get's a rebuttal. He's simply cut off. Or,

"Howard, I want to talk about how cheap Montgomery is and that's why the Phillies stink." Reply: "Go ahead, I'm listening, how are they cheap?"

The CIA wants to be right all the time, and, they draw more caveman listeners if they promote critisim, even if it's not warrented. The also like to humor the caveman listeners by mimicking and making fun of. 

So, the bloggers who I hear from? Think for yourselves. Don't regurgiate.

Last night, my wife and I were at the beautiful park and watched a very good, exciting Phillies team take apart Pittsburgh, with Clutch Coste back from Moose Country, doing what he does best. When he hit that three run dinger, they heard it in Germantown.

Hey Dave Montgomery...thanks for last night. 



I do not listen to Cataldi, Eskin and their band of mindless morons. Cataldi and Eskin pick on particular scape goats that are popular targets...Dave Montgomery and Pat Burrell, for starters.

And I don't think the Phils are cheap, either, nor would I say they stink... quite the contrary. They are SO CLOSE to the playoffs, just like they've been for the past three seasons!

In terms of success, the Phils have rebuilt their farm system and have made EXCELLENT progress in player development. Kenrick,Hamel, Victorino, Utley and Howard are wonderful examples. They are success stories.

But for the past three years, the Phils are just missing the playoffs. They are one or two key players or wins away. This is where your GM comes in, and the value of free agency and trades.

And THIS is where a change is needed and why we could be in for another 'close but no cigar' finish.

Name one player still on the roster from trading away All-Stars Abreu, Polanco and Bell... I can't. Trades of All-Stars should bring value to the team and provide impact players. This didn't happen in any of those cases.

And you can't call the Phils cheap... they lavished lots of money on Garcia, Gordon, Bell and Lieber, just to name a few. And each one had injury problems and came to us as damaged goods. That's wasted money.

Gordon admits his shoulder problems begun in the '05 season with the Yankees. Bell had a history of back problems before he came here as well. And Garcia, how in the world did that guy pass his physical?

This is where the players aren't failing, the management is. And it's the GM's job via free agency/trades and the farm system to provide. Our free agents haven't delivered. Barajas, Garcia, Lieber and Helms have disappointed. (The jury's still out on Adam Eaton). We didn't acquire talent that could make an impact in trades of All-Star players.

I follow the Yankees... names that should never be mentioned are coming up in trade rumors. Names like Victorino and Bourne, for starters. Is it wise to trade away our future for a guy like Kyle Farnsworth? Will it make an immediate impact and put us in the playoffs, or are we just losing young talent to once again be an also ran?

Aaron Rowand is frequently mentioned trade bait with the emergence of Michael Bourne. Aaron Rowand is an All-Star hitting .330 (or around that). If we trade away a valuable cog to our lineup, are we going to get a player of comparable value?

The Phils have the highest offensive production in the league. They have players with bright futures. But do they have all the pieces in place to get into the playoffs?

That is the GM's job, and Gillick, IMO, hasn't been able to provide that missing piece of the puzzle the past two seasons. If the Phils do not make the playoffs this year, it's not that they didn't do their jobs, it's Gillick that will have failed. Strike THREE.

The good news is, if Gillick fails, they have a good, young GM in their organization. He's Asst. GM Ruben Amaro, who personally I would have rather seen hired to do the job than Gillick. He's a former player, a former Phil, his father spent over 35 years in the organization as a player and a scout. He's also a bright guy... a Stanford graduate. He's grown up in the Phils organization and is smart to boot.

The players are doing their part (for the most part). We'll know if Gillick did his job in October.

Posted by: JJ | July 29, 2007 10:35 PM

Hi... figured this is a good place to ask...

Who is this Lohse guy the Phils just acquired? An ERA over 4, 6 -12 record, but looks like an inning eater?

Posted by: JJ | July 30, 2007 10:10 PM

good article ron. i have banned WIP from my car except for flyers/sixers games. i can't stand eskin or cataldi mainly because they are both stupid.

i met cataldi at eagles training camp last year. when the microphone wasn't on he was racist, bigotted, and even more of a jerk than he is on the radio.

the only sports radio i'll listen to is jodymac on 950.

Posted by: Chris | July 31, 2007 11:07 AM

I listen to both...Eskin more than Cataldi, and I think you are way off base. Consider Tuesday: Atlanta gets Teixiera, the Mets get Luis Castillo, and the Phillies get...WHO THE HECK IS THIS GUY FROM CINCINNATI? Another one from the homeless pile. No wonder the Phils have no shot--and these guys are absolutely right.

Posted by: Tom Wilkins | July 31, 2007 1:04 PM

To answer the Lohse question first; This is his 3rd team in two years. He struggled last year in the Al with minn before the reds made a deal for him. Afterwards he pitched better in spots. His problem is home runs, much like Eaton. In fact him and Eaton are very similar in style. He was the only viable option on the market ecpt for Joe Blanton from Oakland who is worlds better. Blanton would have cost you Victorino along with your best aaa prospect and a draft pick. Blanton may go to the Dodgers today.

As far as WIP radio goes its garbage. Cataldi is the wanna be pied piper to every wife beater wearing moron ages 35 and up. Eskin has limited knowledge when it comes to anything outside of the rhelm of philadelphia. However, you are smoking the rock if you believe that Monty and the fab 12 are not to blame here. They are so short sited when it comes to spending for the long term. The phillies have invested such little money into ar eastern scouting and Dominican Baseball its a crime. Combine that with a refusal to go over budget even for the short term. They don't understand the fact if you overspend one year it will return ten fold in the next five years. Then again they sell out now and haven't made the playoffs in 14 years. Please keep that fact in mind when you defend this feeble group. While it's not as simple as those two dopes on WIP try and make it, its not as complicated as Montey tries to make it either. The problem lies right in the middle.

Posted by: matt list | July 31, 2007 1:43 PM

I'm guessing that Lohse is an inning eater like Moyer and Eaton. They are going to give up runs, but are going to keep you in the game for five or six innings. (I'm trying to look on the bright side.)

Anyhow, it looks like Lohse gets Durbin's spot in the starting rotation. Durbin has had two great games as a starter, but the one relief performance I saw him in before he was thrust into the starting role was absolutely dreadful...he couldn't get an out. Are they keeping him up or moving him down? He really deserves a shot as a fifth starter to me.

The Phils Dominican scout used to be Ruben Amaro Sr... what is his role now? (I do agree they were late to the party in spending money and scouting Central America... that's a good observation).

I'm not a Gillick fan, but since I ripped many of his deals, it's only fair to give him credit when it's due....i.e....the Iguchi deal. Gooch was a solid starter for the White Sox last year and came to us for Rich Dubee's son, who's a mediocre prospect. This is one deal it looks as if we got the better end of. Can Iguchi play 3rd when Utley gets back? Has he played third at all in his ML career?

Posted by: JJ | July 31, 2007 5:10 PM

Amen Ron!!! I stopped listening to WIP and now I don't even watch Daily News Live. These talk show hosts and sports reporters for the most part live to rip Philadelphia sports. What people don't get is that a lot of them (there are some) are not originally from Philly and all they are doing is making a mockery of our wonderful city. It's one thing to have beef with certain players or management with logical reasoning to support yourself. But logic never finds it's way on to their shows. They act the way they do for two reasons. They want a lot of people to call in and kiss their ass so they feel important in the world and they want to pretend they have lots of power by hanging up on any caller that disagrees with them. Once again wonderful article. We need some more people like you on radio and TV.

Posted by: Matt | July 31, 2007 6:17 PM

Hell to the yihee!! thank you.

Posted by: Justine Pavich | March 7, 2010 9:42 AM

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