by Ron on May 30 at 6:13PM


Recently someone wrote in and said I was too harsh on Pat Gillick, that "on paper" the Phillies bullpen wasn't "too shaby," but he can't prevent injuries. You can read the full comment by clicking on "Comment" belowBest of the Brightest.

Pat Gillick knew over a year ago that Tom Gordon was at the very least unstable, at the very best--the kid who lives next door to me and plays little league said: "Flash is good but he's old and he might get hurt during the season."

That was back in February. A LITTLE LEAGUER!!!!!

Gillick inherited a core of very good players. But he has done little to improve the club to contender status, short of Jamie Moyer and Dobbs and maybe Werth.  Here is what Mr. Gillick hasn't done:

1. Let's start with themanager. I'm not going to insult the man, everybody else has already done that. But he shouldn't be managing the Phillies. He got the job because he was Thome's buddy and Wade wanted to please Thome.

Look at last night's game. He has the infield in during the second inning with a runner on third. He should never have had the infield in that early and it cost him dearly. Then brain-trust Rowand steals second when the Fightens' are down 5-1. I could site example after example but there are too damn many.

Gillick should have fired Manuel over the winter and replaced him with a quality manager who can manage in the NL.

2.Pat Burrell. Enough said, do I have to elaborate? He's an anchor about the Phillies neck currently hitting at  .226 with 6 HRs and 22 RBIs. Sure, he has 41 walks but he also has 36 KOs. I can just hear Harry the K: "Well Wheels, Burrell is on deck with the game tied here in the eighth and Glavine has to be weary of facing him."

"That's right Harry, Burrell is tearing up the league with bases on balls and he may get number 42 tonight."

Gillick should have handled the Burrell situation instead of spending half his time in Toronto. And he wasn't watching Ottawa. Gillick said the team wasn't ready to compete until '08. Sure, as long as he's sitting on his hands.

3.Right field. Shane Victorino is out of place. He should be in center. Instead, we have both left and right field short of power. While Rowand buys time to beef up his batting average so he can sign a nice, fat contract next season with the White Sox. Gillick does nothing.  

4.Third base. Wes Helms and Abraham Nunez are not putting fear into opposing NL teams. Helms is Dr. Strangeglove. Nunez is not the answer. He's a good bench player and that's all. Another hole Gillick left unattended. 

5.Catcher.Carlos Ruiz is doing well. But Barajas? He's too slow behind the plate and he can't hit. But he put a snow job on Gillick and got his money. He's a joke.

6.The bull's a disgrace. Don't credit Gillick for moving Myers there. If that move was to be made, it should have been better planned. Gillick moved Myers there because he went with a fragile, old player who was not able to carry the team through May. This is not an injury on paper. This is an injury made to happen. He couldn't get through last season, and everybody who knows anything about baseball knew he wouldn't get through this season. Except Gillick. Funny how that is, isn't it?

The bull pen is Gillick's Folly because he knew it stunk and he did nothing about it all winter, except bring in a bunch of stiffs who can't get anybody out. This team is going nowhere until somebody takes over who knows what the hell they are doing. And that ain't Gillick! 

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family website, remember? It looks like Mr. Burrell might just stick around next season.

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