by Ron on April 2 at 4:35PM

Two old foes returned to for the home opener at Citizens Bank Park today to haunt the Phillies: A weak bullpen and stranded base runners.

The Phillies lost to the Braves at Citizens Bank Park today, 5-3. Ryan Madson taking the loss, Pat Burrell 0 RBIs; two hits apiece for Aaron Rowand, Jimmy Rollins (only Phil HR), and Shane Victorino. Bret Myers pitched a 7 and two thirds gem giving up four hits and three runs.

Chase Utley switched to clean up behind Ryan Howard went 1 for 5, leaving three key runners stranded. Rowand left two.

Tough loss, but it was so good to hear the voices of Spring.

Besides the Utley/Howard switch, the Phillies made another move, putting three in the television broadcasting booth, making the Voices of Spring  even better.

  • Harry the K, the best home run caller in the game today, with that velvety grandfather voice…”that balls outta here…”
  • Chris Wheeler, the best overall 'color' broadcaster I’ve ever heard…EVER. That’s EVER.
  • With the addition of 'Sarg', Gary Mathews, the three worked well together

Wheels was so good with his insight this afternoon. Example: “Renteria here against Myers …considering the pitch count Bret is on and Chipper Jones on deck, if Myers looses Renteria we’ll most likely see Charlie come out and make a pitching change…”

Renteria hits the first of his two home runs and here comes Uncle Charlie out to get Bret Myers. Wheels is good in tight baseball situations.

Earlier Harry the K asks Wheels his opinion on seeing closer Tom Gordon pitch the ninth. “Yea Harry I spoke with Charlie earlier today and he said he would use Gordon in a tie ball game here at home.” Homework done.

The three broadcasters blended in nicely, but Wheeler made the game complete with his knowledge and timing. Now, if we can get the bullpen on track too...

Are you on crack? I had to read your comments on Wheels three times to figure out if you were kidding. You are the first guy...ever...and I mean EVER, that I have heard praise Wheels. That guy is such a dork, and so annoying that I watch the game with the mute button on.

Posted by: Jimmy | April 5, 2007 10:22 AM

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