by Ron on April 8 at 10:20AM


 My brother-in-law is all over me about the Phillies again. He thinks I throw away my money when I go to 15-20 games a season. Yesterday I saw him and the first words out of his mouth were: "Hey it's the second coming."

What are you talking about, I said.

"The second coming of Millwood. It the body of Adam Eaton. It will be Millwood all over again, and we've got three years to watch it."

Ah come on, I said, it's his first game. It was cold. Give the man a break.

"Okay," my brother in law said. "you watch. They gave a three year $25 million contact to Millwood in a different body."

Naw, I thought, he'll pitch a shutout next time out. Won't he? 

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