by Ron on April 8 at 5:34PM



Haven’t seen the Bandwagon recently in the Philly Daily News. Stan the Man must have gone back into retirement. What with the Phils bitin’ the dust lately, who can blame him?

I noticed in recent letters to the editor inThe Inquirer, fans are diving off the bandwagon faster than the deckhands on the Titanic.

And Angelo can’t take all the calls that are coming in fast enough...back to calling Uncle Charlie a moron and trade Burrell and Lieber and Rowand. Hell, they are saying, "trade half the damn team."

But I just hold on. In the words of a Tim McGraw song:

Carry on
Carry on
What don’t kill us makes us strong
Carry on

Now this little April swoon is not killing the Phillies. So here’s what’s going to happen:

  • Uncle Charlie is going to get fired, just like Angelo and the boys say:“On or before May 10, that Bum’s gone”
  • Davy Lopes will take over the team and it will make a big difference
  • Freddie Garcia will come off the DL and zip off five straight wins
  • Rowand will get traded
  • Myers and Hamels will become a potent 1-2 punch
  • Burrell will catch fire...and get the boobirds off his back
  • Utley will go bonkers with the bat
  • And Ryan Howard will find his groove

"What don’t kill us makes us strong….carry on."


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