by Ron on April 14 at 10:09AM


We went to an Eagles game last night and watched the Phillies.

How to throw a party for 44,000 college kids? Reduce the prices, load up on the beer, make the dogs a buck, and let 'em in. Didn't matter if it was 40 degrees, they didn't know it anyway.

By the fifth inning I went to the men's room. 'Whoa,' I thought, 'it's an Eagles game men's room.' There were more drunk guys in there than at the post Mummer's parade party. Standing in line at the urinals, I counted six guys peeing while holding two or more long necks. Some guys rested their beers on top of the urinals they were using.

"Care to have a sip?" No thanks. It's amazing what you notice at an Eagles' game men's room at the Phillies game.

In the sixth, one college kid with a Penn shirt on ran out into the outfield and played hiding go seek with security. Throughout the park, there were more uniform police than at an FOP retirement party.

I bet the Fightin's made a buck or two on the beer and dogs. After all, one hot dog probably costs the club 40 or 50 cents, which they sell on non-drunk days for $4.50. And I bet the college kids were carded when they bought the suds at $6.50 a pop. Sure, and Flash won't have a sore arm this August, either.

The only disgruntled vender at the park last night was the Bull, whose BB sales went down faster than Pat Burrell's batting average in August.

But speaking of hot dogs, you know the difference between the hot dogs at Citizens Bank Park this year and the doggies at Shea Stadium?

At Shea, you'll be able to buy 'em in October.






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