by Ron on April 8 at 12:48PM


 Baseball is a game of numbers. So when you watch today's game, the Phillies vs the Florida Marlins, keep these numbers in mind.

Team Payrolls:

  •  Phillies........$89,368,214
  • Marlins........$30,507,000

Highest paid player:

  • Phillies.........Pat Burrell.......$13,250,000
  • Phillies........Freddie Garcia..$10,000,000
  • Marlins.......Miguel Cabrera..$  7,400,000
  • Marlins.......Dontrell Willis....$  6,450,000

Phillies pitchers who make more than Willis:

  • Jamie Moyer.......$6,500,000
  • Jon Lieber..........$7,833,333
  • Adam Eaton.......$7,208,333
  • Tom Gordon.......$7,000,000
  • Freddie Garcia...$10,000,000

Thanks for this post. Cleared some issues up for me as well.

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family website, remember? It looks like Mr. Burrell might just stick around next season.

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