by Ron on March 13 at 8:17AM

It's interesting why people boo ball players and of course I have my 'father-in-law theory.' Here's another example. Couple of years ago I was at the ball park with my father-in-law. Atlanta is at bat with two outs and a runner on first.

A sharp two-hop grounder is hit to David Bell at third. Bell immediately looks to second which he should do--to get the shortest out. However, Chase Utley forgot to cover second. Bell double pumps and then goes to first but it's too late, the runner beats the throw.

Next guy up for Atlanta hits one into the right field seats for a three run home run.

Sure enough, Bell is the first batter up for the Phillies and my father-in-law boos him. I say to my father-in-law, 'why are you booing Bell?' He says Bell was too slow on the ground ball which led to the three run dinger. He says Bell should have just gone to first.

I tell him 'no way.' The play was at second but it was Utley's fault for not covering. Father-in-law, who loves Utley but hates Bell, didn't see it that way, so an argument resulted.

Bottom line: Father-in-law doesn't understand the game and boos Bell. Go figure. 

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