by Ron on March 13 at 7:47AM

After my Ennisism piece, the question has been asked: Does Burrell deserve the boos? Answer: Absolutely not. Del Ennis didn't and neither did JD Drew. Pat Burrell has decent numbers. Go to the Phillies website and check them out.

People who boo ballplayers don't understand the game. Remember, if a player goes three for ten his entire career, he may end up in the hall of fame. But what about those other seven at bats? Project those seven at bats over a career and you'll see a lot of whiffs, men left on base, or perceived 'choking' at a critical point in the game. That's baseball, stuff happens.

My father-in-law turns on the game and sees Burrell in an o-fer. Next day, Burrell goes 3 for 4 with 4 RBIs and a home run. Father-in-law didn't see that, he had the TV off because he was reading the paper. On Sunday, father-in-law takes his grandson to the game and Burrell goes 1 for 4 but strikes out three times. Now the father-in-law is really mad at Burrell.

At the end of the season, my father-in-law doesn't look at Burrell's numbers because he never pays attention to the game's numbers. So he doesn't see that Pat the Bat had 95 ribbies and 29 home runs. All he remembers are the three strike outs when he paid fifty bucks for the seats and another hundred bucks for the sodas, hot dogs, cotten candy, popcorn and ice cream which got his grandson sick and the kid pucked in his Cadillac Escalade.

Bottom line: Father-in-law doesn't understand the game and thus he boos when Burrell comes up to bat. Now times that by 25,000. No, Burrell does not deserve the boos, but the next time he has a o-fer, he'll probably get some; from people who do not understand the game. Same with Del Ennis, who also didn't deserve the boos and had a great career with the Phillies.

And no, I wouldln't trade Burrell for A-Rod. Pat is going to have a great season. 



Good theory, but you're crazy if you wouldn't trade for A-Rod. No matter what Burrell does this year, A-Rod's numbers will blow Pat's doors off.

Posted by: Mike | March 15, 2007 2:47 PM

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